Voyant Assignment

This is the assignment for 11/29, since we will not meet that day.

The goal: familiarize yourself with Voyant, and use at least three of the tools either to answer a specific question or to generate new knowledge about the text.

The assignment: use Voyant to explore one of these two versions of Frankenstein (or: both, if you’re feeling inspired): Frankenstein1818.txt or Frankenstein1831.txt and produce three images with a brief 3–4 sentence description of what new insights the images can tell us about the novel. Post this on the course website. This should take you about an hour and a half. (if you have trouble downloading the texts, you can copy-and-paste here 1818 or here 1831.)

First, read the “Getting Started” and “Tools Index” pages here (note: Voyant was recently upgraded, so some of the tools may not work properly):

Getting Started

Tools Index

Second, use at least three of the tools at https://voyant-tools.org/ to visualize Frankenstein. I would advise you “export” the tool into a new URL and new window so that it can be examined full-screen. This is basically just playing around and exploring, with the aim of familiarizing yourself with the program. Experiment with searching for words, turning “stop words” on and off, and screwing around.

Third, take a screenshot of three visualizations you like best (or embed them like I did above if you can figure out how), upload them to the course website, and write a 3–4 sentence description for how each image tells us something new about Frankenstein or answers a specific research question.

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