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Links: I decided examine the links between these four words to see if there would be any connection between life and nature. In the text I felt as if science was trying to mimic life by attempting to re-create it but this chart challenges my view. It shows that life and science are more closely linked than life and nature. I also found interesting that the term man isn’t directly connected to life, nature or science.

Trends: This graph depicts the novel perfectly, in my opinion. It shows both the changes in Frankenstein and his experiment. Both were creations and after Frankenstein gives life to his experiment, the creation and Frankenstein himself become monsters in the novel. They both seek revenge and want to kill in the end.

Bubbles: In the novel I felt that the idea of creating life was shifted from women to men. Frankenstein creates life, which goes against the natural, so I wanted to examine the correlation between mother and father and the term life. In the beginning of the novel there is a heavy presence of both parents, while in the end the father overrules the term mother. Life interestingly also begins to diminish as the presence of the mother does, but not completely. I wonder if we eliminate the father at the beginning of the novel, if the term life would remain consistent or not.