(Image won’t appear on here, so I left the link above for those who wish to see the graphs)

Trends: I liked this one the most because I wanted to take a few of the most commonly used words to see what they might have in common with each other. I chose “man”, “father” and “life” to see if there would be any type of connection. Within the first segment, all three of these words have been used a similar amount of times. As time progresses, they drift further and further apart. Between the sixth and seventh segment, they come together again showing that in that particular moment in the text, those words were more commonly connected to one another. This graph was the most clear to me because it showed the use of the words pretty vividly in the graph.

Cirrus: The one is really interesting because it spits out random words used commonly within the text by presenting it in a more up close and personal manner. However, this one does not narrow down the most frequently used words in a much smaller window. This type of presentation is much more broad.

Bubblelines: This one is useful because not only does it show commonly used words, but it shows the context in which they were used in. For example, lets take the word man; we have the sentence “imprinted by the foot of man”. Man in this case would represent mankind, whereas the sentence “her lover. But the old man” would refer to male human. This is interesting because we never really realize the many contexts in which we use such common words.