I am both a former student of QC (MA English ’00) and a former adjunct lecturer in the English Dept (’02-’09). I also completed my MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College (’07). I am currently enrolled as a non-matriculated student to fulfill the study requirements of my year long sabbatical from my full time high school teaching job. I also recently became a mom to my beautiful daughter Dorothy (born March 31st) and while my sabbatical will give me plenty of time to spend with her, I look forward to brushing up on the latest in literary study and having some adult interactions!

Student Nyssa Sanchez


My name is Nyssa Sanchez and I am an English/Childhood Education major. I am interested in leaning about theory and the importance it serves in the texts that we will be reading this semester. I also wish to learn about how theory can be used to form discussions throughout different texts universally. I have read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley in English 170W. Re-reading the text through the perceptive of different theoretical topics,ideas should be very interesting!

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