Final Collaborative Website Project
El pequeño Frankenstein

For your final project, you will work in groups to build a website that offers different theoretical perspectives on Frankenstein. Each group will collectively be responsible for writing one page on the site, finding Creative Commons images to use, and organizing your content. Individually, you will contribute a brief essay (~1000 words) that offers a literary argument about Frankenstein informed by a theoretical perspective and supported by secondary research.

The purpose of the site is to be informative about theoretical approaches to Frankenstein (so: not descriptive about the novel’s plot).

The organization of the site should show clear connections within the groups as well as differences between the groups (so: how would Group A’s theoretical approach distinguish itself from Group B’s?)

  • One group member responsible for contributing to a shared annotated bibliography (selecting the best 4–5 annotations from your group’s contribution)
  • One group member responsible for gathering images (including Voyant; be sure to use Creative Commons images and give attribution in a caption)
  • One group member responsible for managing Page layouts/organization
  • One group member responsible for hyperlinks (identify other web projects or resources to link to from your main page, and identify useful links within individual essays).